4 Habits that Defines you as a Smart Rummy Player

Rummy has been a popular entertainment tool since the time it started. It is not just a game; it is a game which can be used to determine the parameters of human psychology and behavior. If anybody wants to understand his/her oneself then, the rummy game is the best tool to analyze their own personality descriptively.

Rummy players exhibit some habits which are unique. The interest to know the habits of rummy players came into the picture when online rummy started to buzz around in India.  Since then, we have been running behind rummy players to understand their habits, learn from them and analyze how their mind works. Ultimately, it is to improve our own rummy skills and to become a pro in the game.

Having an in-depth knowledge is not enough, but it is the habit that defines you. So, here’s a list of habits that we have noticed. Read on to understand the masters of the game and how you can improve your own skills to enrich the happiness of this wonderful game of rummy while playing.

  1. Observation skills.
    If you are an amateur player, be a student of the game first. Develop your observation skills on how your opponent is playing the game, their style, their selection of cards and their concentration towards the game. Their calmness and not showing their anxiety when the game is not going their way is the quality of professional players you should imbibe in you. Stick to the basics and put constant efforts to learn the game and improve your gaming skills. Start to play rummy with small bets and once you feel confident increase your stakes to earn more cash.
  2. Develop your own style and make your own strategies.
    You cannot copy some other player’s strategy in your game. Each game is different and every player is unique in their own way. While practicing rummy and observing your fellow players playing the game develop your own style to deal with the game by making your own strategies to manipulate cards to form a sequence. The right strategy at the right time and a little bit of luck can change the game in your favor by all means.
  3. Judge drop strategy according to the situation.
    There is no way that you’ll get the right cards to win the game all the time. The right strategy is not to play each hand every time. There are times you have to deal with a bad hand where it is impossible to create a sequence. When you can’t meld the cards into sets, be wise to judge the situation accordingly and use the drop strategy. If the cards are completely bad then, use the initial drop strategy, however, if things didn’t pick up after a couple of moves then you should be going for a middle drop. A smart player should be able to analyze the situation and take decisions accordingly.
  4. Take one game at a time.
    One success in a game of rummy cannot assure the same result in subsequent games. Do not judge your success by a single game. Indian rummy success depends on many factors like skills, strategies,and situation. So, be a smart player to take one game at a time and consider success and failures in the same way while playing the game.

Now decide yourself if you are a smart player or an amateur player who is yet to get a hang of the game.