4 Reasons Why Rummy Players May Also Like IPL Games

4 Reasons Why Rummy Players May Also Like IPL Games

It’s the IPL! Fast-paced, eclectic and celebratory – all making the IPL games a bundle of unmatched excitement and entertainment. With the current season underway, it’s time for the frenzied fans to savor some cricket treat again. The fervor, the supercharged energy, the drama, the emotions and the fun moments that unfolds on the ground combined with the scintillating performances of some of the best cricketing talents makes IPL games no less than a blockbuster to watch out for. The player-performance reviews, team strategy analysis, and the top-notch matches played are hard to ignore.

Some of the gaming parallels between IPL and rummy online make the former a favourite among rummy players too. Curious, are you? Then, check out these reasons to know more.

  1. An impressive display of talent

One of the commonalities between IPL and rummy is the impressive talent display that happens during the big matches. A rummy player can very well relate to IPL games as the best and the brightest of the young cricketing squad give their career-best performances. Whether is the league matches of the IPL or the big ticket rummy tournaments, they always witness the best cricketing and rummy talents battle it out with their opponents at the respective matches. They attract such talented players, who are perhaps, unbeatable in their craft.

  1. Fast-paced and dynamic

IPL is rather a crisp version of the ODIs that most of us have grown up watching as our favourite teams played against each other. But, the distinction doesn’t stop here. As a shortened version of the limited over games, the approach to the game is quite different from all the formats of cricket played till now. IPL is fast paced and keeps you on your toes. It is dynamic as it keeps changing from one game to another. The tricks and strategies have to fine-tuned, changed and sometimes a completely turned head over heels, if needed, to stage an upper hand over your opponent team. These reasons are sure to strike a chord with any rummy player. Because, free rummy games are fast paced and dynamic too. The outlook of the game changes each move of the players making the game interesting besides giving it a nail-biting finish.

  1. Twists and turns in the game

A rummy player can completely agree with the fact that both free rummy online game and IPL games have a lot of dramatic twists and turns to the game. A wrong discard by your opponent followed by your quick presence of mind to encash it to your favour can change the face of the game totally. A not-so-good opening at the beginning may eventually change the game for the batting team with one boundary shot. Similarly, a mediocre hand at the start of the rummy game can turn about to be your winning hand with a card wrongly discarded by your opponent without any forethought.

  1. Skills and strategies rule

Who can vouch for this statement better than a rummy player? Both rummy and IPL games are sheer examples of games on skills and strategies. While IPL games would need the teams to come up with both batting and fielding strategies, rummy games are all about how to play rummy and formulate a befitting strategy to your opponent’s moves and understands Indian rummy rules better. A rummy player very well appreciates the fact that skills are your best weaponry to put up a tough fight to your opponents – be it rummy or IPL games. And strategies create a conductive environment to make your weapons effective in their results.

It’s showtime!

This IPL season – Best v/s Best is much bigger and bolder than the previous year. The teams, the players and their skills, and their innovative strategies are worth re-living the excitement once again.