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Things You Want To Learn About Paul Marciano

Paul Marciano was born in Marseilles, France where he spent his early life. He was born of a Jewish family with his four siblings. For seven months he was confined in a wheel chair for injuries he sustained when he and his brother were involved in a motorcycle accident. Although he was told that he would never walk again, he regained full use of his limbs a year and half later.

Paul Marciano was not admitted to school again owing to his lengthy absence. That made him to leave for Israel where he lived in a kibbutz. The motivation that led to the decision was attributed to the fact that he did not have a chance to pursue his education further.

Soon after, Paul Marciano began his career at MGA which was his family’s clothing business. The clothing firm had shops in French Riviera. The Marciano brothers that included Paul, Maurice, Armand and Georges paid a visit to Southern California and were fascinated by the place. Political changes that took place in France and saw the rise to power of the socialist president, Franois Mitterrand made the Marcianos to close their business and relocate to the United States. They set up the MGA company in Little Santa Monica which was situated in Beverly Hills.

Soon after the world-famous clothing company, Guess was started by the Marciano brothers. In 1983 they sold a 50{f30b2df23bb05eb1be1fcb40ef7db2bd90d406af3b1f6e837eaa89f2b1328a64} share to the Nakash Brothers. A superior court six years later made the judgement that the Nakashas employed fraud to entice the Marcianos into the transaction. The end result was that the Nakashas settled for 66 million dollars in favor of the Marciano brothers.

Upon stepping down as Guess CEO, Paul Marciano became the company’s Executive Chairman but held on to his position as the firm’s chief creative officer. In 2013 he teamed up with Maurice his brother and Steve Tisch alongside the World Wrestling Entertainment to provide backing to Hero Ventures, which was a startup based in Los Angeles.

Paul Marciano’s philanthropic streak was evident when he paid 8 million dollars to buy the former Scottish Rite Masonic Temple on Wilshire Boulevard through the Maurice and Paul Marciano Art Foundation. The two brothers harbor plans to change the facility into a private museum. The Friends of the Israel Defense Forces received a donation of 5.2 million dollars from the brothers.

Paul Marciano’s first marriage was to the model and photographer Kymberly Marciano. They had two children before they parted ways. Later on, he married Mareva Georges who was a model and they got two children. After investigations were finalized into Paul’s improper conduct, he resigned his slot as the Guess CEO. Whereas most of the claims could not be collaborated, it was found that he exercised poor judgement in his interactions with models and photographers.

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