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What is Certified Mail?

If you are about to send something using the post office services, then it is very important to be mindful of the options they are offering. Depending on the priority of your letter, you may like it to be sent before a certain time and date or perhaps, before someone needs to sign it. For sure, you have already heard about registered and certified mail but does not have any ideas or clues on its know what’s their difference and go with which option you think is best.

As a matter of fact, being able to uncover the difference between these postal services is very important with regards to getting your mails delivered to the right place and the right time or costing you money and time in the end. But that should be the least of your problems because that’ll be our topic for today. Through this, the next time that you send a mail, you can know whether you should use certified mail or a registered one.

The post office typically has three different kinds of service whenever someone wants to use them to mail a package or letter. In the event that you plan to send a business letter or sensitive mail to a very important person, then it is only fitting that you want the mail to be sent fast and reach the right destination; for that to happen, you must be using only the right service.

In this case, certified mail is a lot more ideal for it is designated as such since the sender receives proof of billing as well as delivery. The person where the letter would be address has to sign it as this serve as the proof that they really get it. When you use registered mail however, it will be sent by the postal office and do recording of it too. In simple words, your letter or package will be sent to multiple locations and every office is going to take recording of the tracking information.

Those who’ve opted to use registered mail can maximize this feature as they’ll be given the option to track their mails or package over the internet. Since the sender isn’t acknowledging registered letter, it serves as proof that it has been received.

However, since the two aforementioned options are bit of a premium postal service compared to regular mail, expect to pay more for it. It will make it easier for you to know your wants and specifics for sending the mail like for example, would you like to have tracking where it is at or do you need signature confirmation that it’s been received? So long as you know what it is you want, things will be fine.

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