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How to Choose a Raccoon Control and Removal Service

Raccoons are nocturnal animals that are distinguished by the black markings near their eyes that give the appearance of wearing a bandit’s mask. These are very intelligent mammals that are historically capable of even turning doorknobs and opening latches. While they are usually located in woody areas that have natural sources of waters nearby such as streams or rivers, they have also been able to adapt to urban life by scavenging.

Raccoons are able to gain entry to homes and yards that contain easily accessible food sources, such has pet food containers and open trash bins. They have also been known to nest and raise their young in hidden areas of the homes like sheds or garages. When raccoons invade residential areas, they are known to cause damage and harm to people and property. These include the loss of home-grown plants, vegetables and even poultry as well as damage to wire coverings and roof tiles.

To avoid these damages, you should use measures to prevent their entry into your property. However, when if you find yourself facing a raccoon invasion, remember that they are protected wildlife in many states. Find a certified raccoon control and removal service that help you legally and safely dispose of your raccoon problem. Here are some of the most important things that you need to remember when looking for the right specialist.

First, make sure that you do your research first to be certain that you are dealing with a legitimate company and that you are getting the most cost-effective rates possible. Shop around and ask your top choices for an on-site inspection and a written contract. If possible, work with companies that offer free inspection. If they do charge fees for the inspection, ask if this will be applied towards their service fees for the work that you need.

Second, during the on-site inspection, make sure that you ask the service provider to identify all of the raccoon’s potential entry points. Ask them as well if they have any advice on how you can prevent their entry moving forward and any other tips and advice they can give regarding prevention measures. Work only with legitimate service providers that are licensed to trap and remove raccoons and other forms of wildlife in your area. This would not just protect you from unscrupulous companies that are only after your money, but will also ensure the ethical treatment of the animals.

Finally, you should also ask them the specifics of how they will be handling the removal service. How will the animal be treated or disposed of? As much as possible, only work with a humane and ethical company that does not just follow your local regulations regarding handling the removal of wildlife, but actually care about the outcome of such removal on the raccoons. They should also use removal methods that will prevent the problem from recurring too soon. They should be able to provide a guarantee that they can eliminate all the raccoons and any of their young in your home.

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