PlayStation 3

Gladius by Lucas Artwork” is an Action-RPG and Tactical Struggle primarily based video game that permits you to be a Gladiator and build a faculty the place you possibly can train people such as you, take them to completely different battles and quests to earn fame and glory. Valkyria Chronicles is sorta turn-based, but you may wish to check a gameplay video first (I’m unsure if it might qualify as “simple”). A truly outstanding tactical game in a superhero skin. Rainbow Moon – Flip based mostly but in grid format, this recreation is a gem, and it’s PSN solely.PS3 Turn-based tactics games

The sport isnt terribly difficult but it’s rather fun, with an attention-grabbing story. It is realtime but pausable so I play in an almost flip based mostly means. Edit: they’re nonetheless making Wild Arms games? It is positively more kid-friendly than most JRPGs (significantly the primary one) however they’ll get critical enough at instances and all-in-all they can be great enjoyable.

Aside from that every one I can think of is loli RPGs. Catherine is not actually a JRPG so perhaps you’re additionally into these games commonly referred to as JRPGs after they ain’t? Units gain experience by eliminating enemies, performing actions, completing objectives, and even receiving injury and surviving.

It might convey back FF6 nostalgia, but then again, it may remind you of what you didn’t like about later FF games, relying on what that’s precisely. The extensive flip-based mostly fight system is complemented by the necessity of preserving the supply strains for our armies in addition to conducting diplomatic actions and managing the conquered cities.PS3 Turn-based tactics games

Faery: Legends of Avalon is an inexpensive downloadable turn-based mostly RPG, I’ve it downloaded (yet to play it) but it appears to be like like a fairly strong RPG. Players will uncover mysteries, take part in flip-by-turn fight inspired by basic JRPGs, and discover a mystical kingdom.