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Advantages of Tree Planting

Every person has his or her own solid reason as to why they plant trees. Some plant trees to enhance the aesthetic value while others for shades where they can relax. Besides these trees have very many other benefits which are outlined below.

The first benefit is that tree planting helps greatly in soil reinforcement. Trees are essential in curbing soil erosion, raises the fertility of the soil as well as increasing the moisture content of the soil. All these processes occur in a cycle which begins with the leaves falling down from the trees and on the soil surface the curb the moisture that could rather be heated into the atmosphere and at this point the leaves will start rotting to manure. At this point there will be raised microorganism activities causing aeration.

The erosion of the soil can be avoided by planting the trees. Where there is wind or heavy rainfall, soil erosion occurs due to the heavy drops from the sky. Where the water drops hit the open surface with a bigger magnitude, they carry away the soil. The top soil on the ground is carried out by the wind hence causing severe erosion on the soil surface. Tree planting is essential as the roots compact the soil together and the leaves of these same trees hold the rain drops hence reducing the heavy erosion that could occur on the soil.

Another benefit is that tree planting helps in prevention of water pollution. Water that is due to storm often contains very harmful substances like phosphorus. Where the trees are not present, this water will find its way to water sources hence contaminating it. Where the aquatic animals are present, they can die due to poisoned by this chemicals. Planting trees will hold the contaminated water from entering these sources instead directs it into the soil by the assist of their roots.

There will be very minimal or no chances of global warming where trees have been planted along the streets. The reason behind this is that trees are effective in cooling the temperatures that could be extreme and at the same time trap the dangerous gases from the air. There are so many people in the cities and in a case of global warming which could have occurred by replacing the trees on streets by the asphalt roads many will be affected Global warming can easily occur where there are many and very high structures in a congested city.

There will be a normal air conditioning in a case where you have planted trees in your home. Planting trees in strategic positions saves you the expense of fixing air conditioners in your building as they are able to regulate the air in a very natural way. Besides this, they also help in removing the poisonous gases from the air in your environment.

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