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Potent Life Lessons to Be Learned from Harry Potter

The series that was produced by Harry Potter has highly resonated and caused effects on the watching rate of the people who are fond of watching it. The love and admiration of this series by the fans and other people who watch this series have many reasons behind it. Perhaps the making or the need to make the series brilliant may be the cause of the love that is built to the fans. This love may be perhaps as a result of the misconceptions about some practices and the culture of the people. There are many narratives that try to shape the people on different things to make them become better people, and this may hence be the cause of all this.

There are somethings that serves as a warning or encouragement which are learnt from the Potters adventures that the people who are bold and travel aimlessly can learn from. Some of the lessons that can be learned from that series may include the following. People are different from what they look to appear like. A lot of stories aimed at children deal in fairly two-dimensional characters where they base the story or the lessons that are aimed to be taught to the children on the mythic patterns that are present in an individual’s unconscious, inherited from the past collective experience of humanity. This makes the bad guys seem to be just as good while the good people seem to be bad.

The advantage of this potent life lessons to be learned is that while the intrepid wanderers travel from one place to another they meet new people with whom they have never interacted with and hence one may not be able to learn their character easily. The reason behind that is to let the intrepid wanderers learn that unless they investigate on whatever kind of people they meet in their travels they cannot be able to exactly state their characters.

The people who travel to different places making new adventures may meet up new homes better than the places they were born or grew up and this is a lesson learnt that being born in a place does not guarantee it to be the best home for one can be rejected or face problems while still in these homes and can move around and build better ones. A travel becomes more than a travel if it is not done alone but while involving some other people who one can share with them various experiences and hence it is critical to be with the people one feels comfortable with while out for adventures to help even during hard times just like Ron and Hermione who were with Harry during the visits that he made.