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Supervillain Studios has been exhausting at work on a game known as Tower Wars. The item of the game is to protect different mining services from a legion of Insectocytes. It doesn’t try to be anything other than a tower defense sport and they did a good job balancing the weapons and levels. There’s a large selection in gameplay sceneries starting from urban centers and industrial complexes to dense forests.

And I don’t remorse it. PixelJunk Monsters is likely one of the greatest TD video games I’ve ever seen. There is no time restrict for this part, so the player can carefully plan his defenses or choose to start out fighting immediately and place towers when wanted through the battle.

Available now’s a “Waldgeist” growth pack, which not only provides new levels with further forms of towers and enemies, but provides new Waldgeist / Waldgeist Vengeance modes to the original levels. Every unit might be assigned a job class, each with completely different abilities, and the battle formation should evolve so as to defend against an adapting enemy.

They have created huge, building measurement, mechanical war machines to battle towards one another, but now they may use them to destroy the X-Morph. I feel I received up to close to the end however never finished it. Fun game although. Where could one find out about these mysterious games with new ideas, simple attraction, and addicting gameplay?

5 The tower defenses are supplemented by way of an orbital laser which utterly destroys all aliens in its blast zone in one strike. Let’s make candy, candy games together. Need your tower protection fix? After selling my PS3 I missed Monsters the most, now I can finally play it once more 🙂 Plus there are all the levels I could by no means play, cause I didn’t have a PSP.PS3 Tower defense games