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How to Choose the Best Tennis Racquet

In order for one to improve or perfect their tennis game, they need to ensure that they choose the right tennis racquet. However, choosing a racquet seems to be a challenging to most players due to the availability of numerous companies that makes the device. Tennis game players need to be cautious when choosing a tennis racquet since their performance in the game is also determined by the type of racquet that they choose. The choice of a racquet depends on a player’s taste and preference, hence the need to select the one based on a person’s needs. It is essential for tennis players to consider the following factors when choosing a tennis racquet , these include the head size of the gadget, sting pattern, grip size, weight, the swing weight, string tension, the balance point as well as the frame stiffness.

Players can choose different types of string pattern of the racquet. Players can choose from two main types of string patterns, these include an open string patterns and closed string pattern. The two string patterns are different in structure in that the open string pattern has less intersecting cross strings whereas the closed string pattern has more intersecting cross strings. The open string pattern racquet is vital since it provides the player with more power and spin when hitting the tennis ball due to the elastic nature of the open string pattern. The open string pattern provides more power to the paler hence making them strike the ball with greater force due to the fewer intersections that make the ball to rebound at a greater force. Tennis players also get to have better feel for the ball when using an open string tennis racquet.

The head size of the racquet is also an essential factor to consider when choosing a tennis racquet. The head size determines the power that the racquet can produce when striking the ball. It is important o choose a larger head size since they it offers a larger surface area thereby making it easier to hit the ball. Players can choose from the following head size, these include oversize, mid plus and mid-size. The weight and the balance point of a racquet is an essential factor when choosing the device. Players need to ensure that the device they choose has a proportional weight since the racquet determine both power and control. Regardless of the weight, the gadgets are essential since the lighter ones offers great maneuverability and can be swung faster whereas the heavy ones are more powerful and offers great stability while delivering less shock.

Players need to be ensure that the racquet they choose has the perfect grip size. Tennis players need to choose a racquet with a grip size that they feel comfortable with.

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